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The original green juice powder was reportedly created in top secret for U.S. Military members as a way of boosting youthful vigor, restore energy and sustained endurance in older veterans in the US Coast Guard and Army Reserves. This name “patriot” originated from the military connection in order to honor its organic beginnings.

Patriotic power greens claim to be a robust and secretly delicious green drink enriched with 100% organic vegetables, algae, fruits, berries, fiber probiotics and digestive enzymes. It is also the flagship nutritional superfood supplement of Patriot Health Alliance that comes from an interesting history.

Patriotic power greens were originally founded by Dr. Lane Sebring who helped formulate the ingredients for this powerful drink. He claims he founded the anti-aging remedies and anti- aging regenerative medicine catered towards older men and women to live a healthier and vibrant life. He is also a great supporter of the paleo diet and runs the Sebring clinic.

According to the manufacturers, Patriotic power greens is claimed to do the following roles:

· Improving digestion, less gas, bloating and constipation

· Glowing, younger looking skin without dangerous Botox injections.

· All natural joint and muscle pain relief

· Stabilizes blood sugar

· Keeps the mind sharp

· Helps in weight reduction

· Improves libido

How patriot greens work

The success behind the effectiveness of power greens is that, there is a silent killer among all aging people called inflammation. It is said to be the root cause of all major body stress and ailments. It is also known to destabilize cholesterol deposits in the arteries thus causing strokes and heart attacks. Moreover, it is labelled as the nearly all the major health conditions. Thus it is advised to supplement our daily diet and movement routines.

Since inflammation is caused by various things from diet, lifestyle and environment, it literally ages the body and makes it sick. There are drugs that can help with inflammation, they can also come with a list of side effects that can worsen inflammation. This is why more people are turning to diet. In patriot Greens, you get an advantage for your health instead of eating fruits and vegetables to boost health, you get it all in one drink. It is made with 38 inflammation-fighting fruits and vegetables. The drink also has digestive enzymes important for maintaining a healthy digestive system and absorption of nutrients to fight inflammation. It is also important to note that better –digested nutrients, probiotics digestive enzymes and reduced inflammation will have great impacts on the cognitive abilities.

Patriot power ingredients

Patriot power greens has ingredients with no added artificial sweeteners and sugar. Together with the other ingredients it is a powerful 15 calorie health boosting concoction safe for diabetics or those generally dealing with sugar problems. The makers’ claims that with one sip, our bodies are flooded with powerful nutrients, phytochemicals, probiotics and enzymes that help neutralize the excess acid and chronic inflammation in our bodies. Each serving of the patriotic power green contains the following:

· 10 strains of probiotics which are commonly known as ‘good bacteria’ which helps maintain a healthy PH balance in the gut. They are also good for the digestive system and have shown results to lower cholesterol levels.

· 7 digestive enzymes which help in digestion. These enzymes break down specific components in the stomach into small parts, protease breaks down protein, amylase breaks down starch into sugars. These enzymes also absorb the nutrients that our body needs to fight inflammation and keep our body balanced.

· Organic fruits and vegetables which were switched from conventional to organic thus ensuring you get a healthier and natural product.

· Organic spirulina algae-These algae is high in iodine, which is required by the body for proper function of the thyroid, which helps to regulate weight, among other functions. Iodine deficiency is rare, and so supplementing iodine is thought to have little effect upon fat burning in the body. It is also a good source of numerous vitamins and minerals.

· organic seaweed (kombu, Nori, Wakame), organic apple, spinach, broccoli carrot, parsley, beet, cabbage, tomato, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry.

· Kale-However the creators do not list how much kale is inside the supplement, they simply discuss that kale is loaded with valuable nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin, ingredients that absorb and neutralize free radicals in the skin to make you look younger.

· Chicory-Comes in one park with other is well known as a blood and liver cleanser, loaded with soluble fiber(inulin), supports the overall digestive health, it is filled with antioxidants.

· Amyl glucosidase- It is made up pf cellulose which breaks down plant matter, Amylase which breaks carbohydrates into sugars to allow effective absorption and lipase that helps in the digestion of fats.

The drink is also free from genetically modified ingredients and contain no gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, eggs, fish or shellfish. It also promises to contain no allergens.

This formulation is naturally sweetened with goji, apple and acai juice for a pleasant berry flavor.

Ultimately most of the ingredients in patriot power greens rely on the power of antioxidants to achieve their active effects. Antioxidants are known to target the free radicals in the body to reduce inflammation.

Many of these ingredients are selected because they are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Advantages of patriotic power greens

· The nutrients, probiotics and enzymes help promote a healthier body as well as a healthier mind.

· You could lose stubborn weight when your digestive system improves and nutrients are better absorbed.

· Your immune system is boosted thus experience fewer colds, flu and other infections.

· It contains no caffeine, gluten, dairy wheat, soy or artificial sweeteners. It is made from organic fruit and vegetables.

· This drink has the power to reduce physical signs of aging in your skin because of its powerful nutrients.

· A lot of time of research and testing has been put into this drink so as to be among the best in the market. It is regulated and manufactured by the FDA facility.

· The product contains less than 1g of sugar thus can be used by everyone including diabetics.

The Disadvantages patriotic power greens

· The mixture contains greens and sea vegetables, so the taste may not be ideal to everyone.

· You may want to be checked by your doctor first to start using this product drink.

· It is not the cheapest option.

· Since spirulina is used, it is known to cause stomach pain, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea and in severe cases can cause liver damage.

The great thing about this supplement is that if you miss on your fruits and vegetables, you are covered.

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